Forklift Aisle Width Standards

March 11, 2013 Maintenance

Forklift Aisle

Forklifts are categorized consistent with the space in which they work. There are various diverse passageway sorts in as something to be shared utilization. Because of various elements, standard forklifts can just work in some of the aforementioned domains.

Walkway Types

Lift trucks are designated consistent with the walkway sort in which they are outlined to work. There are three path width sorts in in like manner utilize --wide walkways (more excellent than 11 feet), contract passageways (8 to 10 feet), and extremely tight paths (littler than 6 feet).


Walkway sorts are dead set because of various elements. The most paramount elements are the span of the truck being referred to, the turn sweep of the truck and the measure of the burdens the truck can convey.

Forklift standards

Standard forklifts, or counteracted-down lift trucks, fall into the "wide passageway" category. They are outlined to work just in paths that are more terrific than 11 feet wide. In the event that the walkway is any more modest, the forklift is unable to turn.